Fencing for Success: 9 Top Geofencing Marketing Tips Your Business Needs

86 percent of senior marketing professionals prioritize creating a cohesive customer journey. In order to create this cohesive experience, you need to guide your customers from one point of the sales funnel to the next. With geofencing marketing, you can target your ideal customer and guide them toward a sale. 

So how do you set yourself up for geofencing advertising success?

Keep reading for the nine tips you need for an effective geofencing strategy.

With these tips, you can learn how to set up geofencing without wasting time and money!

1. Size It Right

With geofencing marketing, you want to attract people who are likely to walk into your store. With that in mind, you don't want your geofencing radius to stretch across town. Too broad of a radius can cause you to lose money and waste time.

If your competitors are across town, chances are a customer in that area is more likely to visit their shop. It's simply more convenient.

Instead of stretching your target radius, try to create a radius that's within five minutes of travel time from your store.

Think about the customers you'll likely attract. Chances are they'll either walk or drive to your location after seeing your geofencing ad. Smaller perimeters will help you focus your time and effort on the people most likely to come into your shop.

An important component of marketing is providing your customers with convenience.

By sizing the right geofencing radius, you're offering those customers a convenient, nearby shopping option: you!

2. Know Your Audience

One of the most important steps to a successful geofencing marketing campaign is to know your audience. If you don't know who your customers are, how can you possibly attract them to your business?

To start researching, head to Google Trends. What are your customers searching for lately? You can also explore social media to see what they're interested in. 

The better you understand your audience, the more likely you can create geofencing ads that draw their attention. 

As a result, you're creating a compelling, engaging online experience. Then, you can entice them into your store and encourage them to make a purchase. An ad that doesn't appeal to their interests, on the other hand, can cause you to lose money.

Consider breaking your target audience into buyer personas. 

These personas differentiate customers based on their interests, needs, behaviors, and demographics. Created targeted ads for each persona will help you better connect with your customers. As a result, you're able to create compelling ads that are more likely to lead to a conversion. 

3. Add Action

Every traditional or print ad needs a compelling call-to-action (CTA). "Buy Today," "Visit Us," "Explore Our Store," and other verb-oriented phrases direct consumers to complete a specific action. By specifying the CTA, you're further improving the customer experience to create a cohesive journey.

Make sure to avoid creating ads that read as spammy.

Consumers are becoming more aware of when they see ads. Instead of using sales-heavy language, focus on the benefit you're offering. What can you give customers that none of your competitors can?

Try offering a buy-one-get-one special or another enticement.

Then, complete your CTA with a little urgency. Adding "Now" or "Today" within the CTA spurs people to take immediate action. 

Adding a specific CTA to your geofencing advertising will help you turn leads into paying customers.

4. Try Different Techniques

There's no one-size-fits-all geofencing marketing technique.

To make the most of your campaigns, try different tactics. For example, many companies are using remarketing or retargeting. This strategy allows you to show a new ad to someone who previously visited your website or saw an ad.

Remarketing gives you a second chance to make a sale.

Other tactics include content marketing, which uses targeted keywords, and context targeting, which shows specific ads that relate to the page content.

Mix and match different techniques to see what works for your customers.

5. Review the Data

64 percent of adult Americans own a smartphone. Meanwhile, 85% of young adults constantly have a smartphone in hand. With geofencing marketing, you can take advantage of this statistic to reach more customers.

With each campaign you create, make sure to review the data on a regular basis. What's working for your campaigns, and what isn't? Then, you can make smart, informed changes to improve your geofencing marketing.

6. Time It Right

A successful geofencing campaign also depends on timing. For example, you don't want an add to display while your store is closed.

Instead, determine the best times to display your ads.

Take a look back at your data. When do your ads earn the highest clickthrough rate? This data can help you further optimize your ads.

7. Show Relevance

Knowing your audience can also help you develop more relevant ads. For example, try creating ads based on your location. If it's a sunny day or a holiday, mention it in your ad.

Changing your ad language so it's more relevant can help you connect with customers.

More relevant ads also stand out amongst stale, outdated messages.

8. Create In-Store Promos

What sales do you have available right now? Maybe you want to attract traffic to improve sales through an in-store exclusive.

Geofencing marketing can help you improve the success of these in-store promotions.

Create a campaign specifically for these promos. Consider adding a time limit to create urgency. Once customers step into the store, you can offer a special deal or coupon that matches the ad they saw.

9. Connect Your Apps

Social media and geofencing advertising go hand in hand. Create location-based filters and stickers to add to your content.

You can also explore social media to engage your audience. Let them know about your latest deals or in-store promotions. Then, prompt them to visit your store for more information. 

Using the power of social media networking apps to improve your geofencing can help you further connect with customers.

Fencing In Your Success: Nine Geofencing Marketing Tips for Your Business

Your customers are just within reach! With these nine geofencing marketing tips, you can attract foot traffic and boost your business.

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