The Top 8 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Digital Campaign Marketing

Outsourcing is big business these days.

Indeed, the global outsourcing market reached USD $85.6 billion in 2018.

Simply, an increasing number of companies around the world are opting to outsource their business operations. The days where everything is done in-house are dwindling.

The statistics prove it. For instance, 35% of UK organizations polled in 2018 planned to outsource more in 2019. In the United States, approximately 2.4 million jobs have been outsourced over the last 10 years.

Such significant growth in the outsourcing market demonstrates the advantages it offers. Why else would companies be doing it?

But what exactly are the advantages of outsourcing to digital marketers? Why should you consider outsourcing your marketing operations?

Keep reading to find out 8 key reasons it’d be in your interest.

8 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Outsourcing is growing in popularity around the world. This trend can be easily explained by the plethora of advantages that outsourcing has to offer. Here are 8 of the main ones.

1. Regain Focus on Core Operations

Digital marketing may not be the primary task of your business.

In fact, it’s likely that you’re juggling an immense number of jobs every day anyway. This is often especially true of small businesses that lack the resources of larger companies.

Marketing can seem like a frustratingly necessary secondary task. Digital marketing is crucial for your business. But effective marketing requires time, effort, resources, and manpower. You might not have these to spare!

Outsourcing your digital marketing frees you and your staff up to focus on your core roles and responsibilities. This, in turn, enables you to reallocate your resources to other tasks to facilitate growth.

2. Cut Down on Costs

Outsourcing is often called upon to save the company money.

Indeed, 59% of businesses use it for this purpose.

The savings come from multiple sources. Outsourcing your marketing can cut costs on wages. For instance, the average hourly salary in China is $1.36. In the US it’s $23.32. That’s a giant difference.

Furthermore, you’ll save on upgrading your office space to match your growing workforce. Then there are particular HR savings, including payroll and the hiring or new staff. Oh, and you won’t need to train new staff either.

It all equates to extra money in your pockets.

3. Work with Industry Experts

A major advantage of outsourcing is that you work with experts in the field.

It’s their job to be up to speed with the latest digital marketing trends, processes, and tech. This is one less job for you to think about!

More importantly, it means your business is in safe hands. The multitude of tasks that small businesses need to cover relies on an inch deep, mile wide approach. In other words, a small amount of knowledge in a wide range of fields.

Experts offer you inch wide, mile deep insight. This is an obvious boon for your business.  

4. Upskill Your Workforce

Outsourcing doesn’t always entail remote workers.

Sometimes your outsourced support will work onsite, alongside you and your employees.

These situations provide ample opportunity for the upskilling of your workforce. Your staff will benefit from working alongside those industry experts we just talked about.

They may have little understanding of marketing (hence the need to outsource). Rubbing shoulders with an expert can be hugely helpful in learning the ropes.

In the future, what they’ve learned may mean you don’t need to bring someone in to do the job.

5. Avoid the Need for Staff Training

We’ve seen how outsourcing means you don’t need to employ new marketers to your staff.

Instead, you bring in professionals who are ready to start work immediately.

This saves you money on hiring new staff. It also saves you money on training your current employees. However, you also avoid the time and resource allocation that training requires.

Everyone can get on with what they know, without the distraction of learning something new.

6. Avoid Staff Problems and Leave Requirements

Marketing doesn’t fall into the ‘as and when’ category.

It’s an ongoing process that you need to stay on top of.

This is where your responsibilities to staff can be problematic. Where they may fall ill, go on maternity leave, or take a holiday, you’re tasked with continuing your work with a reduced workforce.

This can be a significant hindrance. But these problems don’t exist when you outsource your marketing. Frankly, it isn’t your concern anymore.

Y7. our Success Is In Everyone’s Interest

You want your business to succeed.

Your outsourced workforce wants to be paid.

They’re likely to lose your faith, and therefore the retainer, if they don’t deliver the results they promised. In simple terms, it’s good news for everyone if your marketing efforts succeed.

It’s for this reason that marketing agencies will inevitably continue to optimize your strategy. They don’t want to lose your business.

8. Punch Above Your Weight

Outsourcing puts your marketing in the same league as the behemoths in your industry.

Their size may mean they have a team of in house marketers at their disposal. Your business may not be at that level, which gives your competition a significant edge.

The expertise offered by outsourced marketers helps to level the playing field. Digital marketing is a serious beast. There’s a lot to it, and small in house teams may not be able to do everything they need to.

Outsourcing solves this problem.

Time to Get Outsourcing

There you have it: 8 key advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing endeavors.

Companies around the world are benefiting more and more from outsourcing their business efforts. The advantages are significant and wide-ranging. That goes for digital marketing too.

Businesses stand to gain from regaining a focus on core tasks, financial savings and working with marketing experts. Outsourcing also helps to upskill current employees, avoid otherwise essential staff training, as well as the problems of leave and sickness that go with traditional workforces.

You can guarantee that your outsourced marketers will work hard for your success. And, finally, you’ll be able to punch above your weight in the marketing world.

Outsourcing may well be the way forward for your digital marketing in 2019.

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