Staying Relevant: Youtube Trends to Look out for in 2020

If you're a Youtube marketer, staying ahead of Youtube trends is a crucial part of your job description. You need to know exactly what content is going to be hot and what's not. 

Predicting the future is hard. Especially on a platform as volatile as Youtube. Who could have foreseen the mass demonetization that some creators have endured, for instance?

We've got your back. We're an agency dedicated to successful video marketing. If anyone knows what is going to be hot on Youtube this year, it's us. 

Ready to discover the upcoming trends for Youtube in 2020? Then read on, and be ahead of the curve.

Gaming Will Still Be Dominated by Fortnite

A staggering 400 hours of content are uploaded to Youtube every minute. Gaming is a perennially popular category among this footage. For example, one of the most popular Youtubers ever, PewDiePie exclusively posts gaming content.

In 2019, a huge proportion of gaming content was related to Fornite. This Battle Royale game came into its own in the last two years, and it isn't going anywhere fast.

Gaming is an important marketing tool. Statistics show that the number of female viewers on gaming channels is growing fast. This means that if you want to reach a young, diverse market, gaming is a great way to do it.

Monetization Will Still Be up and Down

One of the biggest and most problematic Youtube trends of 2019 was monetization issues. This trend dominated Youtube: whole channels got demonetized at some points. Even if the channel was left untouched, videos could get demonetized almost at random.

Youtube's market dominance gives them little impetus to change this. Creators probably aren't going to move to another platform en masse. As a result, don't expect this to change.

This means that you shouldn't rely on Youtube exclusively for your revenue. You should consider uploading to other platforms too. Consider starting a Patreon for your channel.

Immersive Shopping Will Be Huge

A great number of people look to Youtube for information about various products and services. Shopping is a particularly dominant niche here, and it will be a big part of 2020 Youtube trends.

Immersive shopping includes a range of video types. Some feature Youtubers showing off their hauls from grocery stores and other shops.

Others give viewers the A-Z of certain product types like sneakers. Others film their shopping trips, taking viewers on a capitalistic odyssey through various exotic malls. 

This kind of content is particularly popular with women and young girls. 

How-To Videos Continue to Be Significant

How many times have you googled a "how-to" question and been greeted with a Youtube video? We're willing to bet this has happened a lot of times. This is a huge part of Youtube and it's here to stay.

There are how-to videos for anything that you can imagine. Often, they have huge viewerships, particularly if they're for a popular device. 

For marketers, the audience here is young. Millennials are most likely to look up how-to videos while having trouble doing something. Consider carrying out market research and using responses to create engaging how-to videos based on everyday issues.

Youtuber Routine Videos

Youtubers, especially vloggers, often become icons for their viewers, who look to them for advice. These Youtube trends are going to stay around, and it's important that we take notice.

Viewer figures for both morning and evening routines increased in 2019. This presents a prime opportunity for video marketers. 

For example, placements for various skincare products, supplements, wellness apps, and more are all available. The target audience is largely millennials, who have a strong interest in health and wellness.

Trying Worst-Rated Products and Services

Viewers love drama. There's no shame in admitting it, we know that you do too. One of the biggest trends for Youtube in 2020 is going to consist of Youtubers trying best and worst-rated products and services.

For example, a Youtuber may try out a best-rated and worst-rated pizzeria in their neighborhood. People deliberately tune in expecting to see gross food. With products, people tune in to see terrible items bought from Wish, etc.

Think of this as market research. Reviews are important to businesses and this lets you see exactly why certain products or services are so disliked.

360-Degree Videos Are Extremely Hot

Many people like to use Youtube to scope out destinations and products. What's better than getting a true-to-life 360-degree video of the place or product?

While some 360-degree videos can include destinations as diverse as outside the Earth's atmosphere. Don't worry though, your videos don't need to be quite so dramatic.

If you're promoting a destination or store, 360-degree videos let viewers really get to grips with the place. They also let viewers look at your new products from every angle, which can help drive desire. Cameras capable of recording in 360-degrees are not expensive today, so it's well worth investing in one.

ASMR Videos Continue to Grow in Popularity

ASMR videos are one of the most enduring Youtube trends, 2020 is going to see this niche grow even more. If you've never watched an ASMR video, they typically consist of various audio experiences. These are designed to elicit a relaxing and pleasurable sensation in the video.

ASMR Youtubers are popular influencers on social media. A wise marketer should keep an eye on rising stars in this niche. If you're in need of an influencer to advertise your products, these Youtubers could well be the ones to do it.

Staying Ahead of Youtube Trends: A Tumultuous Business

We know how hard it is to stay ahead of Youtube trends. They change at the drop of a hat, and unless you're a full-time marketer, it can be difficult to predict.

The good news is that we can help you. If you need help with marketing, in any field, then hire us

We'll be happy to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.