Using Facebook for Business: What to Post on Facebook to Attract Leads

Facebook is fun when you're sharing images and stories among friends and family. As a business owner, it can feel like one more time-consuming process to add to your long list of things to do.

Hold up! This is one of many misconceptions surrounding using social media to promote your business and your brand. The real issue may be, you simply don't know what to post on Facebook to promote your business.

Social media can be an important marketing tool when done right. Facebook has many tools to help business owners, including post scheduling. Scheduling allows you to set aside a couple of hours to create your posts and then schedule when they will go live.

Understand that social media is an extension of what you're already doing to promote your business. You're just placing it before a new audience.

Are you a business owner struggling to make Facebook work for you? Keep reading to learn what posts can lead to increased sales leads.

Understand What to Post on Facebook

Your business Facebook page should be about your business 99% of the time. It's okay to occasionally throw in a tasteful photo of your personal life to make a connection with your followers.

The main focus is to share engaging content about your business in order to create leads for your product or service. Follow these Facebook business tips to learn how to build a professional audience that will enjoy your posts.

Share Your Website Content

Whether you're on every social media platform or have a brick and mortar location, every business needs a website. Many people bypass this step because they don't understand why it is important. Trust us, websites are at the heart of your digital marketing strategies.

Your business website is a hub for important information. It is also the launching pad for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. If someone is searching for local businesses, the search engines are more likely to return a business website instead of your social media pages.

A business website also provides you with inspiration about what to post on Facebook. The SEO techniques you use on your website can provide content for your posts.

Contact Information

When setting up your Facebook business page you will have a section to enter your contact information including address, phone, email, and website. They also offer an about section where you provide a brief description.

eCommerce Pages

Are you selling a product or service? Chances are you have an eCommerce or booking app on your website. For this Facebook business tip, we suggest sharing the links to your eCommerce and booking pages to get people closer to closing the deal.


Content Marketing 101 recommend blog posts as a means of having constant and relevant content to share. Blogs about your industry are a perfect way to engage your online audience. It also helps keep the focus on what your Facebook page is about.

Share a mix of blogs from industry professionals and ones written on your own website.

Post Images and Video

People love pictures and videos, and your Facebook page can have them as long as they are tasteful and relevant. Tips for posting on Facebook as a Business include using a smartphone to capture business-related images and footage.

Content can be from your physical business, loyal customers, you and your staff performing services, and more. If you are active in the community or participating, capture the day for your business page. 

Videos are a hot trend for social media. Users the ability to live stream and share video content. 

Share your images, video, and graphics using hashtags. You can also drop them into your business Stories. Facebook reported 4 million advertisers are now using Stories ads across their apps. 

Let People Know About Specials

This business tip for Facebook is about getting the word out about upcoming sales and promotions.  Create graphics to promote the product and include a link to your website or landing page. 

It is also a good time to go live and share with your audience what you have going on. Holiday specials make great promotional posts.

Share Industry News

Regardless of what industry you are in, you should have a Google Alert set-up to inform you when stories are shared. Review the content before posting it to your Facebook page. If it is a huge announcement, consider doing a follow-up video to share your thoughts on the article.

This is a good way to create content and demonstrate your industry knowledge. People will trust your opinion and see you as a subject matter expert.

Show a Lighter Side

You do not have to always be formal in your postings. What to post on Facebook to show a lighter side includes engaging in social media trends such as:

  • Motivational Monday

  • Wednesday Wisdom

  • Throwback Thursday

  • Flashback Friday

These subjects do not have to be related to your business but it would be nice to work it in sometimes.

Host Contests

Offering a free product or service can entice people to learn more about your business. Make sure you check out Facebook rules first. You cannot use contests to get people to like your business page.

Create Events and Invitations

Our final Facebook business page tip is useful when you're hosting an event, sale, or participating in someone's function. Create an event on Facebook and invite your friends and business page followers to attend. 

This is an awesome way to raise awareness and produce leads.

There's a Lot You Can Share

This list of what to post on Facebook will get you off to a great start. As you become more comfortable with the process, new ideas will come to you. Keep an eye out for what's trending and stay abreast of your insights and analytical data.

Do we have you thinking more about social media for business? Let's meet! Click here to contact us and let's see what we can do to help you build a stronger online presence.