Video Marketing Trends That Will Be All Over the Internet in 2020

As a company, the light is always on you to come up with different ways of creating content for your online customers.

Videos are a great way to deliver content that is both engaging and interactive with your clientele. They are a tremendous tool for building your brand and increasing customer loyalty.

Not to mention, they make your company much more personable by allowing you to show more emotion and excitement than you're allowed through your copywritten content.

There are several video marketing trends that you'll see throughout this year and beyond. Here are the ones that you can partake in to join in on the fun.

1. Adjusted Videos For Each Social Media Outlet

Some companies choose to have accounts on all the major social media outlets, while others prefer to focus on a few.

Whatever your business's sweet spot is, you'll want to make sure all of your videos are customized for each outlet that you have.

That means that your videos are adjusted to fit the exact specifics for sizing that the outlet prefers.

A good example of this is to make sure all the videos you post on Instagram are perfectly contorted to the square screen. That way you won't have important information cut off the screen from your original video.

Catering to the specifics of outlets such as Facebook can be a huge advantage for your business over its customers.

2. 360-Degree Videos

Have you ever come across a 360-degree video on your social media or on a website and not stopped to see what it's about? Of course not! It's one of the most eye-popping video styles out there.

That's why they're skyrocketing like crazy for 2020. Companies are seeing the return on investment for adopting this new style of video.

However, there's a balancing act that you need to find. If all of your videos are 360-degree videos, then they lose their value. Only incorporate them every so often to draw in customers.

Then you'll have your customers saying "I love it when they do this!" and "they should do this more often!" rather than an "I don't understand why they use this for every video."

3. Instagram Stories Will Remain Just As Big

You've undoubtedly noticed the rise of Instagram Stories in recent years. It seems as if they keep getting bigger and bigger as time rolls on.

That trend isn't going to curve anytime soon. In fact, many social media outlets are trying to get a little skin in the game by adding stories to their layout.

It's great for your company and the marketing agency you team up with to know that Instagram Stories will continue its dominants for 2020. You can invest a sizeable amount of time to video marketing on this if you so choose.

Make sure that the advertisements that you're placing on Instagram Stories are videos not still image ads. Movement draws people in, it stimulates their mind and caters to their curious side. They'll wait it out to see what your ads are all about.

4. eCommerce And Video Marketing Collide

What a world you live in! The corporate world has now reached a point where your customers can merely click on a product in a video and be sent directly to the purchasing page for it.

That can help you see higher sales conversions that you previously thought to be impossible.

It also allows you to get the highest amount of efficiency from each video that you make. As you pitch your products, you'll find it easier to have a natural interaction with your viewers.

You can have your video zoom in on the product and place "shop item now"  on top of it or have a trace outline of the product and "shop now" above it. Whatever fits your video-creative preference.

5. Modest Videos Will Carry Weight

Things such as 360-degree videos and high-cost shoppable videos are fantastic for your brand, but some of you out there can't afford to invest that much into them.

Lucky for you, the marketplace will continue to reward the brands that stay within their marketing budget and place as much quality and time into them as possible.

Customers are smart. They're knowledgeable on how quality factors into the scale of your business.

In other words, they can recognize and admire a video that's in tremendously-high quality for a small business startup. To that same end, they have higher standards for the industry-leading brands of the world.

Customers won't turn their nose at your videos simply because it doesn't contain 10 different angles or isn't able to provide shoppable links.

At the end of the day, as long as your video shows them value, they'll be encouraged enough to visit your site and learn more. Let the content on your website do your bidding from that point forward.

Not sure how to get started with your video marketing? Don't sweat it! You can get in touch with a video marketing agency that will help you succeed in this area of your business.

Immerse Yourself In The Video Marketing Trends For 2020

Make it a challenge for you and your entire brand to cater to the video marketing trends for the year 2020.

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