8 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Email List

Do you have an awesome email marketing campaign ready but few people to use it on? Do you want to grow your email list?

Using a powerful lead generation strategy is always an excellent way to build your email list.

Before we move forward, you may be asking, "What is lead generation?" Lead generation is what you do to spark consumer interest in your products or services. Its purposes don’t only grow your list but also result in lead conversions later.

Below, we have eight lead generation strategies for you to try for your online business.

1. Give Exclusive Discounts to Boost Lead Generation

Offer incentives to the people who enter their email addresses to your email subscription list.

Discounts and exclusive promos make great incentives. In these trying times, many consumers will do anything to get a good deal or discount. Signing up for an email list may be worth shaving a few dollars off an item’s regular price. 

One of the best offers you can give is an early bird discount. Your subscribers won’t just receive news of exclusive deals, but they’ll also be the first to catch wind of them. 

2. Add a Contact Form on Your Website

If you’ve mastered the art of driving traffic to your website, use that skill for sales lead generation. You can do this by adding your contact information to the bottom of your website. It’s the type of strategy of getting more email addresses for your list by giving yours first. 

You can bump it up a notch by making it easier and faster for potential leads to talk to you. Add a contact form on your website that will send their query to you on automatic. The visitors on your page won’t have to log into their emails, create an email, and then send it to you.

3. Build Your Email List With YouTube Videos

The health pandemic is pushing everything and everyone into the internet. Because of the lockdowns caused by the crisis, we saw a boost in online apps and services. That means people are turning to the internet to shop, meet, and entertain themselves.

Streaming sites like YouTube saw one of the biggest growths. You may already know this and have exploited this trend. The next time you upload a YouTube video, use the YouTube action cards to your advantage. You can also add a link to your contact form in your video description.

4. Hold Contests and Giveaways

One of the easiest ways to get more people in your email list is to hold a contest or giveaway. Everyone wants the chance to get free items. It’s why it’s easy to launch a giveaway campaign.

You don’t even need to offer expensive prizes like a brand-new iPad. All you need to know is the type of item or prize that your ideal customer wants.

For example, your online fashion retail business can offer a fashion giveaway. To encourage lead generation, all the participants have to do is to share information about the page. 

5. Offer Professional Resources 

If your business focuses on offering tools or services, this is a good strategy to use.

Your visitors don’t always reach your site because they’re looking to use your services. Some found it because of your solid content marketing game. Others may only be shopping or comparing prices.

If you want more of their interests to spark in your brand, offer a toolkit in exchange for an email subscription. You can also offer other things like a resource list or index. If you sell tangible products, you can give freebies for the next purchase to those who join your email list.

6. Use Social Proof to Gain More Leads 

Using social proof is one of the most effective lead generation tools you have at your disposal. This is great for marketers who already have a good follower base or customer base. It’s also an excellent tool for brands that receive a lot of positive testimonials and reviews. 

How will you use social proof to expand your email list? Display positive testimonials, reviews, or the registered users count on your site. A study says that the average consumer reads 10 online reviews before they decide to buy. 

7. Host a Webinar

Sharing your knowledge and techniques is a great way to connect with an audience. It’s also a method many brands use to develop trust with their clients. If you like sharing what you know with your target audiences, you’ll find that hosting a webinar is a great way to do it.

However, don’t let the chance to build your email list slip by you as you do this. Use your webinar to gain more email addresses for your list. Tell audiences that they can get more info on future webinars and lessons if they subscribe.

A webinar is just one of the many types of effective inbound marketing tactics. You can also apply the same strategy with other examples of inbound marketing, including social media campaigns, ad campaigns, and content creation.

8. End Posts With a CTA

What better way to get people to take action other than to use a Call to Action (CTA)? Your CTA is your encouragement for users to do something with the information you give them.

For example, you can get them to follow you on social media or sign up for your email subscription list.

You can put your CTA anywhere you want. Add one at the end of your blog posts or the bottom of your homepage. You can also insert it in other content, like podcast episodes or videos.

One of the advantages of using Facebook is that it lets you add a call to action button on your page. On your Facebook business page, click on the blue “Add a Button” button. Choose the “Sign up” option from the choices, and then add the link to your website.

Get Ready to Generate More Leads

That ends our guide on the top lead generation strategies you need to use. Depending on the factors surrounding your business, one strategy may work better than the others. Experiment with each strategy we listed above and see how well it works for your brand.

We hope you learned something useful from this guide. If you want to read more on lead generation and other related topics, see our other blog posts. If you have questions, feel free to talk to us anytime.