With access to virtually any smartphone app that offers ad space, both iOS & Android, we can put your message in the palms of consumer hands by targeting areas with relevance to you. Audience, Proximity, On Premise & Retargeting are all capabilities.



All your efforts drive to your website, why let the conversation end there? Retargeting allows us to serve your ad to consumers after they've left your website. Your ad follows them across the web, and even follows them into their Facebook Newsfeed across all devices.


search engine marketing

We integrate and optimize campaigns across Google, Bing & Yahoo. Call Tracking gives you the ability to listen to your customer conversations with staff.


Social media advertising

We're experts in getting the most for your money in Social Media. Drive traffic to your site, or download your app. Facebook Pixels allow us to see conversions happen in real time. Social Media channels have some of the best data available so your message is seen by people who want to see it.


Rich media creative

If you have a inventory data feed, we can plug your live inventory directly into our creative banners displaying to consumers your real-time inventory. Each inventory piece links directly to the landing page on your website where the unit of interest lives.

Native Ads

Reach targeted audiences with integrated ads in premium content. Ads run on Yahoo's top properties and in their partner networks. The ads show up in content that consumers are viewing and look to be organically placed within the content. Bought on a CPM/CPC basis.


Reach your customer online with access to the top vendors for online display campaigns. Target by content, keyword search & behavioral characteristics.


IP Targeting

The online/digital version of direct mail… We are able to turn a physical address into an IP address and target people's actual home or business. This allows for extremely targeted messaging. A very powerful and exact tool.



Simple & modern website design and buildout with complete integrations into Google Analytics, Facebook & Retargeting.



More video content is consumed online than anywhere else. We can accurately target your consumer regardless of what they are watching and insure your message is seen by the right audience. 



As a client of Trigger Digital, you'll have access to real time reporting with your own login credentials. This gives you access to our Client Dashboard where you can pull your own reports, compare monthly statistics and generate recurring reports that are sent right to your email. We integrate into all social media channels, Google Analytics & more so every campaign you run is all tied into one easy to read report.



Data collected from your website allows us to accurately execute display & mobile campaigns to consumers who have not yet visited your website, but want what you have to offer. We work with multiple data aggregators & inventory supply chains with patent pending technology that defeat click fraud and wasted bot impressions.




Agency solutions

As a Digital Media Brokerage, we offer all the above to our agency partners as well. We're a turn-key operation that integrates directly into your team. Client care and satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer consultation on solution strategies, proposal development, client meetings via conference call or in-person, campaign execution, analysis and reporting all on your behalf. Your clients mean as much to us as they do to you, and we'll work to ensure you and your clients reputation is aggressively elevated.

When we say we integrate into your team - we mean it.