Trigger Digital provides clients with the most accurate digital solutions to reach their audience.





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Reach consumers based on behavioral characteristics with access to leading exchanges for rich media, video & display campaigns.



Reach consumers with precision and real-time location data. Our smartphones are always within arms reach - leverage consumer behavior to drive traffic into your store.



Tap into your consumers behavior based on their likes and interests. Social data points allow us to target individuals who show interest in what you offer - now it's time to introduce yourself.

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FAQ // Learn More About Trigger Digital Services

+ What sets Trigger Digital apart from the rest?

Our client's tell us it's our responsiveness, our ability to translate and explain complex industry jargon into easily understandable language and our flexibility to work with them on their terms. This in combination with our superior campaign results sets us apart.

+ Can digital advertising increase online sales?

Absolutely. We have several case studies from clients who see positive returns on ad spend everyday.

+ If my business isn't in your area, can you advertise for my business?

Yes, we work with businesses from all over the world.

+ What makes Trigger Digital the most trusted agency?

We are very clear about our expectations of a campaign. There is no false hope being sold here, if we don't believe something will work we advise that to our clients. Conversely, if we feel strongly that a certain strategy will make a difference we make sure our clients know.

+ What can I expect from a digital marketing agency?

Expertise in their platforms and transparency in expectations and results.

+ What types of businesses does Trigger Digital work with?

We partner with businesses from all industries and of all sizes. We also partner with other ad agencies to provide superior results to their clients.

+ How do you start digital advertising?

Contact us today and if we're a good fit we'll help you get started!

+ How do I contact Trigger Digital?

Email us at: or call us at 561-513-8887. If we don't answer leave a message and we'll return your call within 24 hours.

+ What is the purpose of digital advertising, and how can digital marketing help my business?

There are two goals we can achieve with a digital advertising campaign. Branding a business - putting your message in front of a targeted audience to make sure they know who you are. Conversion generation, or put simply a sale, a phone call, a lead, an appointment - a conversion that is important to you. You want to measure your advertising efforts against a tangible action, this is our favorite type of campaign.

+ What's the secret to a succesful digital marketing campaign?

We believe it's all in the data. Quality data puts your message in front of a qualified audience. We are experts at leveraging your 1st party data, capitalizing on 3rd party data and generating results.

+ What digital advertising services does Trigger Digital provide?

Our favorite type of campaign is a conversion campaign where we have something to measure our results by. We can also execute branding/awareness campaigns too. As far as platforms go we offer complete management of Google Ads (PPC), Facebook & Instagram Ads, Programmatic Display, Retargeting, IP Targeting, YouTube Ads, Mobile Geofencing, essentially all forms of digital paid media advertising.

+ Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

It's certainly possible - contact us and let's find out!

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Contact us today and we'll work together to build the perfect ad campaign for your business. We are 100% US based, drop us a line and we'll reply within 24 hours.


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