Utilizing real-time geographic locations - we can put your message into the hands of consumers frequenting locations of high relevance to you. Geofencing locations your consumers frequently visit combined with a clear creative message puts your business in the hands of highly qualified consumers. 


Audience Segments

We've identified the below audience segments based on past location visit history. Our audiences are constantly refreshed so only the most recent consumers are identified as fitting any given audience segment. These segments are geographically targeted by DMA, State or Country. 




Mobile app advertising refers to banner advertisements (usually 300x250 and 320x50) banner ads that appear within mobile smart phone apps on iOS and Android devices.

+ How does mobile app advertising work?

Similar to programmatic ads, it's an auction environment where we bid on ad inventory. Typically it's sold on a CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) basis. For $X dollars you'll serve 1,000 impressions within smart phone devices.

+ What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a very popular way to make sure your ads are served to a relevant audience. We can target a radius of any physical address and serve ad inventory only to individuals who are within that radius, and on their smart phone.

+ How does geofencing work in terms of mobile?

We target an address set up a geofence radius around that address. People who are within that radius are then eligible to receive our advertisements on their smart phone device.

+ What are some apps where the ads will appear?

Essentially any app that offers advertising and sells inventory into the ad exchanges. Some popular apps would be any major News app (CNN / Fox News / MSNBV) or weather apps, or game apps.

+ Do ads appear in mobile apps or on the web in mobile browsers?

We can serve them on both, or exclusivly on one.

+ What are the advantages of mobile advertising?

Mobile devices are the #1 device people spend time with everyday. You'll be reaching people on the most relevant device we have at this time.

+ What is store visitation and how does it work?

Store visitation works by tracking the number of people who were served an ad, and then visited a store location. It's a way to measure results for business owners with brick and mortar locations and want to know how effective their advertising is.

+ Does Trigger Digital offer both in-app and mobile web ad impressions?

Yes, we do.

+ What type of tracking is available?

We can track impressions, clicks, online conversions, phone calls, store visits, and map opens (people who open up a map that directs them to your location).

+ Does conversion tracking work in mobile apps?

Yes it does.

+ What targeting can I use on mobile?

You can target by real time location, past locations, audience targeting and weather.