You put a lot into running a successful business. We put a lot into making sure your message reaches a relevant and engaged audience. 

Online behavior can be extracted and used to provide relevant advertising to consumers which can drive online and in-store traffic.


+ Why do I need online advertising for my organization?

Advertising is about reaching people where they spend time. In this day and age, that's online!

+ How does online advertising work?

Programmatic online advertising works by connecting publishers (people with websites) and advertisers (you) together. Publishers have people who visit their websites, their website traffic is their inventory. Advertisers (you) want to reach lots of people. Publishers put their inventory up for auction and organizations like ours bid on and win that inventory and then serve your ad.

+ How long does it take to start showing results?

Depending on your definition of "results" that can happen immediately, or it can happen within days, weeks, months or longer. We'll start seeing impression delivery almost immediatly when we launch a campaign, that means your ad is being served and people are seeing it. If your goal is to get exposure, then your results have started! If you are looking to generate a conversion, that can take longer and depends on multiple factors.

+ What are the benefits of online advertising?

You can reach a lot of people, based on interests, behaviors, characteristics and several more data points for a comparatively affordable investment.

+ What kind of online advertising options are available with Trigger Digital?

All forms of programmatic display ads are available. Including your everyday banner ads on websites, mobile geofencing, mobile behavioral, mobile in-app ads, IP Targeting, Retargeting, Video etc.

+ What is the difference between advertising and marketing?

Marketing is identifying a customers needs, then figuring out how to best meet those needs. Advertising pushes your product or service as the best solution to their needs.

+ What online advertising platforms do we use?

We use a demand side platform (DSP) to buy inventory and data and run campaigns.

+ Why do our online advertising services work better than other companies?

We put a lot of thought into the strategy behind the campaigns we run, testing audiences and creative and overall managing the campaigns.

+ Why should you hire our online advertising agency?

We believe our campaign results are superior and we feel that way due to the feedback we get from our clients who often times are coming to us from other companies that did not perform up to their expectations.