Social Media allows us to access consumers with data provided by - them. Leveraging this insight, we make sure people who want what you have, know that you have it.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest - virtually all social media channels collect vast amounts of data on their users. Data that is organic and obtained naturally from the user. We can access this data - placing advertisements that are relevant to that user, tailoring ads to users based on their interests is a powerful and non-intrusive way of advertising.


+ What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising is running paid ads on a social media platform. Usually these ads are marked "sponsored" and look like any other organic post on the platform.

+ What content should I post and how often?

Organically, post any content your audience would find relevant. We don't believe there is a schedule for how often, just try to be consistent and post engaging, informative and relevant content as much as you want. There is no hard rule for how often you should post, as long as you are relatively consistent and continually post.

+ What are the most content-driven social networks?

All social media networks are inherently content driven.

+ How do we build social media marketing strategies?

We recommend you start from the end, and then work your way back to the beginning. What is the action you want to take place? From there, you'll reverse engineer your path to get to that goal.

+ Which social profiles can you connect and post to?

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit - these are the most popular that we work on. Any social media platform that allows for advertising we can connect with though.

+ How do I know that social media is working for my business?

If your goals are being met, then it's working. You'd have to identify what your goal is, then see if your campaign is making that goal happen.

+ Can performance be tracked across different channels?

Yes of course, we can track performance across all socail media channels.

+ How much does social media management cost?

This would vary by agency, our agency usually takes a fixed percentage of the ad spend or of the results we produce.

+ How important is a social media presence?

It's as important as you make it. If you open up a social media profile and never use it, then it's not important. Use it or lose it.

+ Organic vs. paid social media marketing - which one to choose?

Choose both. You shouldn't only do paid and no organic, and you shouldn't do organic and no paid (if you can afford to). Obviously, if you have no budget then organic will be what you do.

+ What can we measure with social media advertising?

All the typical metrics, impressions, reach, views, clicks, conversions etc.

+ What types of businesses run social media ads?

Virtually any business that wants to reach a targeted audience on a platform where people spend a lot of time.