Leverage sight, sound and motion. Video - the most persuasive ad format ever invented. YouTube alone streams over 4 billion videos a day, we are able to access consumers on YouTube, and virtually any website where video content is offered. Utilizing precision targeting tactics we can show your ad to virtually anyone, anywhere, not just based on  what content they are consuming, but based on who they are.

Television sells audiences based on the program they are watching, or supposed to be watching. Online Video takes the same data filters we use to target consumers with online ads, and applies it to pre, mid and post roll video campaigns. This delivers your message to consumers not based on what they are watching, but based on who your perfect consumer actually is across all devices.

FAQ // Learn More About Digital Video Advertising

+ What is Video Advertsing?

Video advertising refers to video ads that play before, during or after video content. For example, if you're on YouTube trying to watch a funny cat video, and an advertisement for a local car dealership plays prior to the funny cat video, that's a video ad.

+ In what ways can video help our brand?

Video is probably the best way to showcase your products and services. Visually engaging content is the best way to captivate an audience with your message.

+ Will video increase my search engine ranking?

It certainly can. If you produce relevant, high quality videos showcasing your products or services, answering questions etc. That can certainly help your organic search engine ranking.

+ How do I drive traffic to my videos?

Paid advertising will drive views to your video.

+ Where do I start on video marketing?

Start by producing videos that answer your customers questions about what you or your product does, then post it online.

+ Why should I use video in my marketing efforts?

We believe you should becuase it's a super engaging way to push a message out to an audience.

+ What kind of video advertising is right for my business?

Either programmatic display video ads, Social media ads or YouTube ads.

+ How much can I spend on video marketing?

Literally as much as you want - it all depends on your goals.

+ What's the most important thing to show in the video?

That depends on what kind of video you're making. If you're making a video that shows people how to solve a problem, then a step by step guide on how to solve that problem. If you're showcasing a product then show off your product.

+ How does the content in my video create value for people?

We believe that content that answers questions creates the most value for people. If someone has a questions, and your video has the answer, then that is the most valuable content you can create.

+ What can I do to see how effective my videos are?

Measure their view rate and comments - people will tell you if they like your video or not.

+ How does video advertising work?

Video ads work the same way as any programmatic advertising campaign - we buy inventory through exchanges and then match that inventory up with data to play your video to the most relevant audience we can across websites and devices.