SEO Services West Palm Beach Florida 

SEO Services West Palm Beach, Florida

Trigger Digital offers a complete SEO solution for businesses in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our team of SEO specialists have over a decade of experience in local SEO and specialize in on-site optimization, link building, and content syndication. We will start with an over the shoulder SEO audit of your business to identify weaknesses with your on-site SEO and compare your site to your competitors. This competition analysis will give you an inside look at the SEO strategies used by your competition. Then, using the Google keyword planner, we will provide you with a list of suggested keywords to target in your SEO campaign. Finally, we will submit an affordable proposal for an SEO campaign that will get your website found by people searching Google in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is what that process looks like.

Local SEO For Local Businesses

We take pride in providing local SEO services. We are a West Palm Beach based digital marketing agency that cares about our community and the companies we do business with. It is our goal to help every local business that comes to us for help. By ranking those businesses at the top of Google, we can make sure that people in West Palm Beach that are searching for specific products and services find the right companies, get the help they need, and everybody benefits.

On-Site SEO West Palm Beach

In month one of our campaign, we will start with the on-site optimization of the property and clean up everything on the website. Much of this happens on the back-end. We will optimize your URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, H Tags, and optimize any media that needs to be updated. From there, we will audit the user-facing content and make suggestions to improve the on-page SEO. Other recommendations may include site maps, map embeds, social profiles, structured data, deeper linking silos, and additional content. Our month one effort will lay the foundation for a successful SEO campaign that will ensure your website ranks well in Google.

West Palm Beach Citations and Google Maps Listings

Google Maps Listings

Many businesses in West Palm Beach miss out on referral traffic from the Google maps listings. Google maps convert exceptionally well on mobile devices and offer three different calls to action. Mobile users can call, visit your website, and get directions with a single click. Part of a successful SEO strategy for West Palm Beach businesses should start here. Maps optimization is a great way to build local relevance and get in front of the people searching for your services. To achieve this, we deploy aggressive SEO strategies to get your maps listing published on other local, relevant websites. We also build out branded citations in local directories, that help your business establish local authority online, and in your community.

Off-Site SEO West Palm Beach

Once the foundation is laid, we must follow up on a month to month basis with contextually relevant linking strategies to continue building authority. To do this, we find authority websites that are in your niche and create content for publication. This is what is known as guest posting. These guest posts include backlinks to your website, and these links are SEO factors known to improve metrics and send referral traffic. Off-site SEO strategies may also include branded content creation and distribution through social media and blogging platforms. While we have just scratched the surface on our SEO strategies, it should give you an idea of what to expect when working with our team.

How Long Does It Take To Rank For West Palm Beach Keywords?

This is one of the first questions most of our local clients ask, and it varies from business to business. If you are in a small industry with little to no competition, then you might take a page one position in Google rather quickly (2-3 months). For competitive niches like legal, medical, and financial, you can expect a timeline of 3-6 months. Ranking for keywords in West Palm Beach is also going to be a little easier than ranking for keywords in Jacksonville, or Tampa, Florida. The bigger the city, the more aggressive the SEO campaigns of your competitors will be. The level of competition is a significant ranking factor and will impact that timeline.

Rank Tracking And Reports

Rank Tracking And Reports

One of the best ways to measure results is by tracking your rankings. In the beginning, we will work with you to identify keywords that have buyer intent, keywords that convert, and keywords that get traffic. If you are currently ranking on page 6 of Google, and in four months, you are ranking on page one, then this is a sign that our SEO strategies are working for you. We deliver SEO reports at the beginning of every month so that you can track your keywords and monitor our efforts. We will also monitor your site for new keywords, as our campaigns will typically add other long-tail variations of our primary terms to your keyword list. Tracking this data is beneficial for everyone involved, and is an exciting part of what we do.

Google Analytics - Tracking Traffic

In addition to keyword tracking, we also include data from Google Analytics to show you where your traffic is coming from. Rankings reports are excellent for identifying what keywords are performing well, but knowing how much traffic is generated from those keywords is just as important. We will install and configure Google Analytics on your website if it has not already been installed, from there, Google will show us how many people are clicking out of the search engine and to your site. We call this referral traffic from Google.

What Types Of Businesses In West Palm Beach Do You Provide SEO For?

West Palm Beach, Florida, has enough diversity in business that there is something for everyone. We provide SEO services in West Palm Beach for every type of business and successfully rank our clients above their competitor's websites. Our SEO services can be customized to meet your budget, and this allows us to work with the small mom and pop shops, and the larger multi-location businesses in Florida.

Industries We Provide SEO Services For In West Palm Beach

? SEO For Dentists

? SEO For Orthodontics

? SEO For Chiropractors

? SEO For Acupuncture

? SEO For Plastic Surgeons

? SEO For Veterinarians


? SEO For Plumbers

? SEO For Restaurants


We realize that not every business in West Palm Beach can afford to pay for SEO services. As another local business, we wanted to give back to our community by creating a short, yet actionable list of SEO variables that can help you rank better until you can afford to hire an SEO company in West Palm Beach. Items on this SEO list may be familiar to some and new to others. Take a look at the list and try to apply as many of these things as possible to improve your local rankings in Google.

SEO Checklist For Local Businesses

SEO Checklist For Local Business
  • Add your keywords to your URLs

  • Add your keywords to your page titles

  • Add your keywords to your metadata

  • Add optimized media to your pages

  • Purchase a SSL certificate

  • Invest in quality hosting

  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

  • Monitor your page speed

  • Blog consistently

  • Embed your map

  • Add an XML site map to your footer

  • Use structured data

  • Link social profiles

  • Add your business to local directories

Some of these items may be easy to implement, while others can be a little more difficult. You should be able to search Google for information on implementing any of these strategies for your business.

Trigger Digital - West Palm Beach Marketing Agency

Trigger Digital offers many other services besides SEO, and we provide our services to businesses outside of West Palm Beach including Fort Myers, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Lauderdale, and Titusville.

Other digital MARKETING services we offer in florida

? In-App Advertising

? Mobile Advertising

? OTT Digital Media

? Facebook Geofencing 

? Facebook Campaigns

? Google Ads Geofencing

? Online Advertising

? Video Production 


If your Florida business is looking for a digital marketing agency to handle your online marketing needs, look no further than Trigger Digital, your experts in online marketing in Florida.


+ What does SEO & SEM Stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.

+ What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is the process of optimizing your search engine to show up in the top positions of the search engine results organically. SEM is the process of paying to bid on keywords to show up at the very top of the page, in the paid ad positions.

+ What are the important factors of SEO?

There are many, so they are not limited to these - but we wouls say: A secure and accessible website, page speed, mobile friendly, domain age, URL and authority, optimized content, user experience, links and a lot more.

+ How does SEO for my website help my business?

It can help by displaying your website higher in the search engine results. When someone searches for a product or service that your business offers, showing up high organically is a sign of trust and authenticity to users. A lot of trust is placed in the first few positions of a search engines results. It is the difference in being on main street, or down a dark alleyway that nobody uses.

+ What are the benefits of using search engine optimization for my website?

Being found more organically leads to more traffic to your site, which leads to more sales.

+ How does SEO help to increase organic search traffic?

The higher you rank organically for a term, the more traffic you'll get. The top few organic positions for certain keywords can lead to hundreds or tens of thousands of free traffic depending on the keyword.

+ What is organic search traffic?

Organic search traffic is free visitors to your website for products and services that you offer. The traffic finds you becuase you show up on page one of the search engine results.

Imagine a spider web, and each ring of the web is a backlink. The more backlinks you have, the bigger your web becomes. The bigger your web is, the more attention it gets from people walking by. Google is the "people walking by".

+ How do search engines actually work?

There is way to much to this answer to list here, but in a nut-shell: search engines want to serve the most relevant content for every search on their website. So search engines send out crawlers that crawl websites across the web and then categorize their content. That content is then served to people when they search for something, depending on how high your website ranks that content could be served on page 1, or page 1000 of the search engine results. As we all know, the best place to hide a body is on page 2 of a search engines results.

+ Why do search engine rankings change frequently?

With their main mission of serving up the most relevant content to people, search engines can change their criteria of what qualifies as good content. Many times people figure out little ways to game the system. For example people used to stuff keywords onto a page, then make them blend into the background of the website so a user would not see them, but the crawlers would still read them, making a web page then seem like it has thousands of relevant keywords on a page thereby increasing it's relevancy in the eyes of the search engine and ranking it higher. Search engines figure these tricks out and will make changes to account for them.

+ What is local SEO?

Local SEO focuses on ranking your website locally for your products and services. It might be very hard to rank high nationally for some search terms, and much easier to rank for them locally in your area.

+ How do you find the right keywords to rank for?

We do extensive keyword research to develop the keywords we want to rank for.

+ What is white-hat and black-hat SEO?

White hat SEO follows Google's guidelinds and improves user experience, while Black Hat violates those guidelines with the aim of gaming the system and typically has no regard for user experience.

+ How much does SEO cost?

It really depends on a lot of factors - the good news is you can implement an SEO plan for virtually any budget. Like all things, the more budget you can allocate towards something, the sooner your desired results will be produced.